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Yet sex-positive Norwegian commenters are applauding Jansrud for speaking about issues, like masturbation and penetrative sex, so frankly. Download Newton - Pubertet. What do children need to know? Samme tendens i Danmark, det finst lite norsk forsking på området, men Sølvguttene-grunnleggjar Torstein Grythe har heilt sidan starten registrert stemmeskiftet til kormedlemmene. Screengrab via NRK TV and how suction on the neck produces hickeys, which she demonstrates with a vacuum cleaner.

One of the last things that happens during puberty, the voice changes and gets lower. Live, naked models have been a trademark of the series. In our opinion, its not enough to divulge that the sperm swim towards the egg. Newton has taken such a frank and educational approach to sex. Sesong 1 1 plug 2 recommended 3 lastSeen / recommended 4 recommended 5 lastSeen / recommended 6 plug 7 plug 8 live 9 recommended 10 lastSeen / recommended 11 recommended 12 plug 13 plug 14 recommended 15 recommended 16 recommended 17 popular 18 plug. Both the clitoris of the girl and the head of the penis on a boy is full of nerves that make it pleasant to touch. They can be round, pointed, large, small, firm or hanging.

Login, create Account, not required to post. Based on what we can gather from. Mini-series 1-8: /ic6w5itbr82h/Newton-Pub. The appearance and characteristics of the body change during puberty, and the purpose is to enable us to make children - if we have sex. Kroppsvekst og stemmeskifte / Body Growth and Voice Change.

The final episode deals with how conception happens. Screengrab via NRK tv, this isnt the first time that. But why and how does it all start? But during puberty, it gets another function too. Unsurprisingly, Newtons latest segment has been heavily criticized on a handful of blogs, whose writers seem to think the segment is borderline pornographic and prurient.


Newton is popular amongst young and old. Last month, the series landed in hot water. Jansrud caps off the segment by showing viewers her pregnant belly. Newton er et naturvitenskapelig program for aldersgruppen 8-12, men på NRK Super sin app er det fri tilgang for alle. We dont answer all questions, but contribute to an open and factual tone when talking about natural processes. When it starts, this is what happens with the body of the girls. When guys are small, the penis has one function - it is used to pee with. With the aid of models, we show, as clinically and pragmatically as possible, how the sexual act plays out.

One commenter wrote, while another chimed in: I am genuinely proud of the fact that Norway is leading the way here. The lead motif throughout the series has been that the whole point of puberty is to get ready to produce babies, and the story doesnt end before we have told how that comes about. And its important to communicate that it should be a voluntary and positive experience for both parties. List of episodes:. Why are we doing this? In the series about puberty we convey openly and frankly what happens to the body in the transition from child to adult. But before you start having sex, you might want to become acquainted with yourselves. Hence we can approach the subject as easily understandable and unprejudiced as we want to, whilst using the communication techniques that Newton has developed over so many years: Go close up, use visual storytelling, be specific, exploratory and immodest.

According to the curriculum, pupils in Year 7 should be able to «describe the development of the human body from conception to adulthood». Det er stygge tal for oss i gutekorbransjen. This is Line Jansrud. Otterstad i Sølvguttene fryktar for kvaliteten på musikken med stadig yngre songarar. This is because the larynx grows. Its apposite to inform how that happens. På rad og rekke i matrosdressar har dei unge gutestemmene i Sølvguttene sunge jula inn i over. Put simply, «their sponge tissue is filled with blood and both boys and girls will experience this as part of puberty.

Også Københavns Drengekor i Danmark har fått merke at gutane mister den lyse stemma tidlegare enn før, fortel songinspektør Mogens Halten til Danmarks Radio. What is it that makes this suddenly becomes a problem when you reach puberty? In addition to her professional knowledge, shes passionately dedicated to the amazing human body. For it to be pleasant, its vital that the vagina be moist enough, she r the woman, you also have to rub the clitoris. Vi tek inn gutane opptil to år tidlegare, og det er klart at dei har dårlegare konsentrasjon når dei er så små. What happens to breasts and sexual organs, how the voice changes and how emotions are in turmoil. Newton is a science programme for children and young people. Back in January, a Swedish TV childrens cartoon segment featuring a dancing penis and vagina went viral. It caused an outcry when Trond-Viggo Torgersen made an open-minded series about the body 30 years ago. Post a public reply to this message.

How Does It Start? To as large an extent as possible we wanted to give corresponding information about female and male sex organs. You can watch the full segment below. Translated by Tone Sutterud. She found out she was pregnant on the air in February, and she plans to turn her pregnancy into a recurring segment on the series in the coming months. This is despite the fact that Jansrud also touches on such important issues as homosexuality, the age of consent, and the need to use contraceptives. To masturbate, she says.

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In puberty, the skin changes, and it has often means pimples and perspiration odor. It caused an outcry when Norwegian children's book writer Anne-Cath Vestly told Norwegian children that babies weren't delivered by the stork, but came from Mums tummy. Stygge tal, dirigent for Sølvguttene, Fredrik Otterstad, er uroa. We show the clitoris and the glans and explain that the body has different ways of preparing for conception. But before this happens, there is much else in the body that has grown. What happens to the penis when boys reach puberty, and why is this happening? Episodes List :. No, your hair was there all the time, but suddenly it becomes completely different. Det manglar det meir modne uttrykket.

Men etterkvart som åra har gått har gutane komt i puberteten tidlegare og tidlegare, noko som får store følgjer for sangstemma. Another clip showed Jansrud explaining menstruation by filming the blood trickling down a live models legs. When Doctor Line Jansrud was hired, the time had come for a series about puberty. Sex og sånn / Sex and stuff. Facebook when the social network deleted a clip of Jansrud demonstrating where the uterus and fallopian tubes are located on a womans body by painting the organs on a naked models skin. Denne syner at gutar heilt ned i 12-års alderen i dag kjem i stemmeskiftet, noko som var ytterst sjeldan for 50 år sidan.

Today this makes us smile, because taboos fall and theres more open-mindedness. Newton is a scientific program for the age group 8-12, but on NRK Super's app is the free access for everyone. Det gjer det vanskelegare å arbeide intenst med vanskelege ting, seier Otterstad. Hår på kroppen / Hair. 2016/08/newton-pubertet ml Notice: Copies of your message may remain on this and other systems on internet. But for anyone who wants to know and doesnt know what to ask or who to ask this weeks Newton episode about sex and such is a good alternative to ignorance and insecurity. Screengrab via NRK tv, jansrud then goes on to demonstrate how to French kiss with a tomato. Now, what everyone starts with sooner or later, but rarely talks about, stroking your own sex parts. H/T, the Local, screengrab via, nRK TV/YouTube.

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Shes also quick to assure teens that theres no need to rush into having sex. The target group is from 8 to 12 years, that is to say children who have either entered puberty or are about. YouTube translation, the segment begins with Jansrud explaining that puberty gives you a new body that can make children if you have sexotherwise known as fucking, screwing, shagging, getting it on, or making love. Tits is the theme of this episode of Newton's series on puberty. And, «to explain what happens during puberty, and to talk about the differences in porno filmer gratis thai massasje ski gender identity and variations in sexual orientation».